TVET Programs

SCI staff is joining since 2010 TVET-Programs in different countries with different partners as:

Egypt: TVET 1 (EU-Program executed by GFA)

(ETP-BCCE) Enterprice Training Partnership  for Civil Engineering and Housing and Building Construction

Curriculum Development (EVQ’s) and development of Training Packages at certain construction occupations

Qualifying Training Providers by Training of Trainers at the developed Training Packages

Set up of independant  Certification Unit and executing of external examinations at training Providers, using our Training Packages

Palestine: TVET (EU-Program executed by GIZ)

Curriculum Development for 7 occupations

Development of Learning Situations

Training of Teachers and Trainers in developing Learning Situations

Ghana: TVET – Ghana Skills Development Initiative GSDI, executed by GIZ

Curriculum Development “Vocational Trainer Qualification” and providing a trainer Handout

Training of Master Crafts Man of the informal sector in VTQ