SCI trains Palestinian Teachers and Trainers in Automotive Technology

SCI trains Palestinian Teachers and Trainers in Automotive Technology

In December 2016 SCI did a training for the technical staff of the Hijjawy Institute in Nablus, Palestine. Topic was “Electro Mobility – Hybrid Technology”. 15 teachers are trained in checking and repairing of the High Voltage System of a Toyota Prius.

In January 2017 SCI trained also 15 teachers/trainers of the Automotive Center of Competence in Halhul, Palestine. Topic was “How to organize and execute practical training according the philosophy of Learning Situations”. Target of this approach is to encoursge students to active oriented training. Self Study and learning by doing.

SCI is managing training in Germany, but also abroad accoding request. SCI also is organizing successful Study Tours in Germany for foreign organizations.

Get more practical experience for your career

Get more practical experience for your career!
Dear Students, the 2 winter training programs are coming up end of January. Please consider that we need for visa application about 6 weeks! Don’t wait too long with your application.
Our courses are:
1. “Renewable Energy-design your own Photo Voltaic unit” and
2. “Automotive-Hybrid Systems and Automatic Transmission”
You will get really practical experience!

Winter and Summer Training Program is now online

Winter- and Summer Training Program is now online.

A successful season 2016 is done. Plenty of students joined our courses. They got strong practical experience at their field and they explored Germay and Europe by exciting visits. Please check our Facebook page to see the comments of our participants.

SCI is offering very practical training in small groups. You will not find alternative offers. SCI training is unique. Don’t compare us with other summer school offers, because this is only general classroom training in very big groups! SCI is providing Quality, not Quantity!

Now our program 2017 is online. Please study our course offer and make your selection. We offer 2 Winter Courses in “Renewable Energy” and “Automotive – Electro Mobility”. Two really impressing actual technologies. Don’t wait too long – Register now.

Practical Training “Civil Engineering on Site”

Practical Training “Civil Engineering on Site”

This week: Operation and Maintenance of Heavy Machinery

Booking Status for courses in summer 2016

Dear students in the Arab world, our course for Automotive Technology C1A is nearly completed. Only 1 place left.
Also the course for Renewable Energy C2E is nearly completed.
Course C1C is complete and all students got their visa in time.
At Mechatronic Technology, Architecture, Construction, IT and Telecommunication Technology courses in August still have some capacity. Please hurry up and register your training at our website.
Please consider, we need about 8 weeks for the visa application!