SCI trains Palestinian Teachers and Trainers in Automotive Technology In December 2016 SCI did a training for the technical staff of the Hijjawy Institute in Nablus, Palestine. Topic was "Electro Mobility - Hybrid Technology". 15 teachers are trained in checking and repairing of the High Voltage System of a Toyota Prius. In January 2017 SCI trained also 15 teachers/trainers of the Automotive … [more...]


Get more practical experience for your career! Dear Students, the 2 winter training programs are coming up end of January. Please consider that we need for visa application about 6 weeks! Don't wait too long with your application. Our courses are: 1. "Renewable Energy-design your own Photo Voltaic unit" and 2. "Automotive-Hybrid Systems and Automatic Transmission" You will get … [more...]



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