Season Greetings – Happy New Year and succsess in 2021

Dear Students, Friends and supporters of SCI,

we want to wish you and your families (Merry Christmas) and a Happy new Year.

Yes, this 2020 was a mysterious year. Hopefully all of you survived in good health. Life was for us in Germany mostly online – we are missing the personnel contact. All of our hands-on practical engineering training in Germany was canceled in 2020 for Corona. Let’s looking forward. 2021 will bring us back to normal life. We are planning to restart our summer school training program in summer 2021. Hopefully Corona is defeated and vaccines are successful. We really need your support to give students a chance to improve their practical experience and to enjoy Germany. German Industry is in big need for experienced IT and engineering staff. We are planning in addition to add a program for this purpose.

Be happy, keep good health,  enjoy your life and remember your summer training partner “Stephan Consulting International” SCI.


Dr. Ing. Nader Ben Said

General Manager